Frequently Asked Questions


These are REAL Asked Questions from my former REAL customer.
As more questions being asked in the future, the list below might be extended.


What is the turnaround time for each project?

Normally, a project mockup will be provided in 4-5 working days. However, during moderate and heavy workload, it can sometimes took up to 2 weeks.
Please contact me to check the availability.

Are you OK with Graphic works related to Adult, Dating, Gambling, Cigarettes, and Alcohol?

NO PROBLEM at all :)

Can you do website development too?
I need some programming works to do.

YES! We have our in-house programming team that will help you all the way, from any kind of minor programming works, script fix, any kind of website development works.

Did I get the PSD file?

You can get the PSD file for a very small fee of $47. We hope you understand that having the PSD file could save you hundreds of dollars for future graphic design.

Can you put the sales letter/copy into the design?

Yes, we will do it for FREE, if you order the "Total Makeover Package".
For the other packages, there will be an additional fee of $47 for adding the sales letter/copy into the design, including formatting the CSS style.

Are there any "restrictions" regarding the Niche?

We DO NOT accept projects that is:

  • going to be resold (i.e: template design, or any other graphic design, that will be resell using another label).
  • related to any "graphical product", which can be considered as our "competitor" (i.e: project to design a new sales page for a Mini Site Graphic Design site).
  • request to design graphic with "similarity" to our sales page, or asking to "copy" the design of our sales page.

Can you do Other design (other than mini sites)?

Of course. We also do graphic design for Blog (wordpress theme), Twitter Template, Logo, OpenRealty script, e-commerce script, etc.

Why does my English is so messed up? :)

Well, that's simply because I'm from a non-English speaking countries, where English is NOT the main language, not even the secondary or third language :)


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